Qualifications of Miller Cupp Associates, Architects, P.C.

Established in 1966, Miller Cupp Associates, Architects, P.C. is a relatively small firm and, as such,
works closely and efficiently with our clients. Further, because we are 100 percent computer and CAD
literate, we are able to develop plans accurately and make revisions quickly.
We have the ability to deliver large projects such as multimillion dollar schools or industrial
projects, and we are also able to quickly and efficiently deliver modest projects such as small additions
and interior renovations.

Our approach to all projects begins by allowing the owner or occupant to provide all input and
requirements at the outset and to be responsive to these requirements throughout the process. We
anticipate an initial meeting with the client’s authorized representatives in order to establish:

  1. Project Scope
  2. Project Budget
  3. Time Table
  4. Lines of Communication

Agreement of the purposes and parameters of this program of study and planning will result in a
description of the professional services expected from the Architect and the decision-making roll of the
client. From these agreements, a description of the problem and proposed solutions will develop,
showing orderly development of the physical facilities to accommodate the needs of the owner.
Development of a plan is the next service in order to convert the stated needs into usable documents for
firm costs and construction.

We would expect to meet either weekly or bi-weekly with the client to coordinate with the master
plan for general approval. If acceptable, we review and refine both the project budget and time table for

We develop detailed construction drawings and specifications in preparation for bidding. Normally
we prefer to allow the county code official a chance to review bid documents prior to seeking bids. We
manage the bid process, receive and analyze all bids, and make recommendations for award of the
contract to a responsible contractor.

Throughout the construction phase, we conduct periodic meetings and keep all lines of
communication open so as to maintain an orderly project schedule. Any changes would be scrutinized
closely so that project costs are properly monitored. Upon substantial completion, we invite the owner or
building committee members to participate in final inspections and approval.

Again, easy access and open communication are keys to our approach along with clearly understood
goals and objectives.